Aluminum foil heating sheet for rice cooker cover

Aluminum foil heating sheet for rice cooker cover

Aluminum foil heating film is the heating wire sticky between two sheets of aluminum foil heating element. Its own self-adhesive bottom, convenient and quick and easy to install on the need to maintain the temperature of the area. Aluminum foil heating film is in accordance with the needs of its system, so the size can adapt to a variety of space. Silicone rubber heating wire placed between two with pressure-sensitive adhesive aluminum foil made of a heating element, aluminum foil bottom can bring pressure-sensitive adhesive, easy to paste.

Product Details

Specification: Customized 

Brand: Jiachuang 

Model: JC-BWP-LO-001

Material: Foil Heating wire 

Room temperature resistance: 1500-1700 (Ω) 

Maximum voltage 100-240 (V)

Main purpose: Rice cooker heat preservation

1, the product uses: rice cooker cover insulation, side insulation;

2, product specifications: 100-240V / 30-45W;

3, the product shape structure: According to the plastic parts provided by the customer design;

4, the product uses a hot wire and aluminum foil paste, thermal efficiency, uniform heat;

5, using high temperature double-sided adhesive paste, easy assembly, fast.

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