Three characteristics of PTC thermistors
- Nov 06, 2018 -

Three characteristics of PTC thermistors:

  1. The temperature resistance characteristic, R-T characteristic

  2. Volt-ampere characteristic, V-I characteristic

  3. Current time characteristic, i. e. i-t characteristic

  The temperature resistance characteristic, R-T characteristic:Refers to the relationship between the zero power resistance value of PTC thermistor and the temperature of the resistance body under the specified voltage (resistance value increases with the rise of temperature).

  Volt-ampere characteristic, V-I characteristic:Generally refers to the static in the air at 25 ℃, add resistor on surface of the heat caused by voltage reach thermal equilibrium and stability conditions of the relationship between the electric current.That is, the voltage and current characteristics of PTC thermistor under actual working conditions.

   Current time characteristic, i. e. i-t characteristic:Refers to the characteristic that the current varies with time in the process of applying voltage to the thermistor.The action time of PTC thermistor decreases sharply with the increase of initial current.In addition, the operating time is also related to the temperature coefficient of the resistance, the applied voltage and the heat capacity of the thermistor.