What are the technical terms for PTC thermistor?
- Nov 06, 2018 -

What are the technical terms for PTC thermistor?

   Rated zero-power resistance (R25 or Rn) : refers to the zero power resistance under the condition of 25 ℃, unless the customer special specification another temperature.

   Minimum resistance (Rmin) : refers to from the beginning of the normal temperature 25 ℃, temperature curve corresponding to the minimum resistance value series, the corresponding temperature for Tmin Rmin.

   Switching temperature (Tc) : the temperature at which the resistance begins to show a step increase is the switching temperature, that is, the temperature at which the resistance rises to 2 times the minimum resistance value (Rmin), also known as the Curie temperature.

   Maximum working voltage (Vmax) : the maximum voltage that a PTC thermistor can sustain at the maximum allowable ambient temperature.

   Maximum current (Imax) : the maximum current allowed through a PTC thermistor at the maximum operating voltage.

   Non-action current (Int) : non-action current, i.e. rated current or holding current, refers to the maximum current that does not cause the PTC thermistor to present a high resistance state under specified time and temperature conditions.

   Action current (It) : refers to the minimum current when the resistance value of the PTC thermistor increases step by step under specified time and temperature conditions.

   Temperature range under maximum voltage: the ambient temperature range where the PTC thermistor can operate continuously under maximum voltage.

   Dissipation factor (delta) : the change of the power dissipated in the PTC thermistor amount and the ratio of the corresponding temperature variation, known as the dissipation coefficient (mw / ℃ : delta = P/T - Tr)

   Voltage withstand value: refers to the maximum voltage that the PTC thermistor can withstand under the specified time and temperature conditions, beyond which the PTC thermistor will be broken.

   Thermal time constant: the time required for PTC thermistors to change from their own temperature to 63.2% of the difference from the ambient temperature in still air.

   Residual current (Ir) : refers to the current in the state of thermal balance after the resistance value of PTC thermistor changes under the maximum working voltage.