Shanghai City Expo - Hvac Technology Exhibition
- Nov 12, 2018 -

Shanghai city expo - hvac technology exhibition


Exhibition time: 2018-11-22 to 2018-11-24

Address: no. 333 songze avenue, national exhibition center (Shanghai)

Exhibition area:

   hvac, heat pump type: wall-mounted furnace and supporting facilities, floor heating and supporting facilities, ventilation, air conditioning, radiator and supporting facilities, air source (water source, ground source) heat pump, pump, valve, pipe fittings, etc.Heating technologies and products for gas heating: gas water heaters, gas pipelines (network) engineering, gas detection and gas meters, gas appliances;Heating equipment and auxiliary equipment, etc.;Fresh air purification: central fresh air system, new fan, purifier, ventilation, central dust removal, air purification, fan, purification and metallurgy, testing equipment, related auxiliary materials, etc.The following three constant systems: capillary network, heat recovery new fan, full replacement fresh air system, three constant air conditioning system, cold and heat source system, radiant panel, radiant air conditioning, dehumidifier, etc.Intelligent control technology and products: building automatic control system, intelligent home, integrated wiring system, home video and audio system, small area management system, sensor, temperature controller, controller, network control system, control system software accessories, etc.New energy technologies and products in construction: solar hot water system, solar photovoltaic products, solar energy and solar energy thermal utilization products, etc.;