The Difference And History Between PTC And NTC
- Oct 25, 2018 -

  PTC stands for Positive Temperature Coefficient, NTC for Negative Temperature Coefficient.

 Development history of PTC thermistor: PTC thermistor appeared in 1950, followed by PTC thermistor with barium titanate as the main material in 1954.PTC thermistor can be used for temperature measurement and control in industry, as well as temperature detection and regulation in a certain part of the automobile. It is also used for a large number of civil equipment, such as controlling the water temperature of instantaneous water heater, air conditioner and cold storage temperature, and heating itself for gas analysis and wind speed machine.The following is a brief introduction of a heater, motor, transformer, high power transistor and other electrical applications of heating and overheating protection.

   History of NTC thermistor: the development of NTC thermistor went through a long period.In 1834, scientists first discovered that silver sulfide had a negative temperature coefficient.In 1930, scientists discovered that cuprous oxide - cupric oxide also had negative temperature coefficients and successfully applied them to the temperature compensation circuits of aerospace instruments.Then, due to the continuous development of transistor technology, the research of thermistor made great progress.The N1C thermistor was developed in 1960.