12v Ptc Heater For Battery

12v Ptc Heater For Battery

Quick Details Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) Brand Name: Hwalon Model Number: H4PR102RM08K180 Type: Thermal Resistor Technology: Metal Alloy Package Type: Throught Hole Resistance: 1-330KΩ Resistance Tolerance: ±1%, ±2%, ±3%, ±5%, ±10... Rated Power: 50w Temperature Coefficient: ptc Operating Temperature: -40 to +100 degrees Cels protection temperature: 70 degree function: overcurrent protection max current: 100mA switch temperature: 60 degree Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details 380/270/160 carton Delivery Time 15-20 Days after payment

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12v ptc heater for battery : 
1)constant temperature 
2)Home Electric Appliances 
3)no Pb.Cr, Hg,Cd 
4)10 Years warrant

12v ptc heater for battery Specifications:

  • rated voltage:6-48V, 100-120V,200-240V

  • curie temperature :50-280 degree

  • dimension:5*4 mm-35*20mm

  • types:square,round ,ring .typical application:ceramic heater,fan,hair.coffee makeers,steam irons,curing irons,warmer,glue gun.mosquito repellent and so on electronic


12v ptc heater for battery   Features:

  • 1. with the characteristic of constant temperature ,the ptc heater does not need the temperature-controlling system

  • 2.if the ptc heater is used to heat the cold wind, it will not be destroyed when the wind is stopped

  • 3.if the ptc heater is used to heat the liquid ,it will not be destroyed when the liquid is burnt to be dry

  • 4.not sensitibe to voltage fluctuating,and wide range of ooperating voltage

  • 5.restore automatically after invalidation 


  • R@25°c : 1-330KΩ.

  • R@25°c precision value: ±1%, ±2%, ±3%, ±5%, ±10%.

  • B@25°c/50°c: 3270, 3380, 3470, 3550, 3700, 3950, 3990, 4200K.

Application of  refrigeratorPTC relay thick-film heater thermistor: 

  • 1. air-heating,wind-warming equipment ,cold and warm air-conditioner

  • 2.physical treatment, massage apparatus,biology heating

  • 3.mosquito-driving apparatus,boiled-water equipment,heating board, shoe-drying apparatus ,hair curling equipment and so on

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