Hot Melt Glue Gun PTC Heater

Hot Melt Glue Gun PTC Heater

Product Description: Specifications (length × width × thickness) mm 24 × 15 × (2.0-2.45) 30 × 13 × (2.0-2.45) 35 × 15 × (2.0-2.45) 40 × 15 × (2.0-2.45) 35 × 6 × (2.0-2.45) 35 × 8 × (2.0-2.45) 35 × 10 × (2.0-2.45) 35 × 13 × (2.0-2.45) Heater surface temperature can be done 50 ℃ -320 ℃ Features:...

Product Details

Product Description:


Specifications (length × width × thickness)


24 × 15 × (2.0-2.45)

30 × 13 × (2.0-2.45)

35 × 15 × (2.0-2.45)

40 × 15 × (2.0-2.45)

35 × 6 × (2.0-2.45)

35 × 8 × (2.0-2.45)

35 × 10 × (2.0-2.45)

35 × 13 × (2.0-2.45)

Heater surface temperature can be done 50 ℃ -320 ℃


PTC heating element with constant temperature heating, no open flame, high thermal conversion rate, safety and energy saving, minimal impact by the power supply voltage, long natural life and other traditional heating element incomparable advantages, the application of electric appliances more and more by R & D engineers Of all ages. PTC thermistor self-heating after power-up, constant temperature PTC thermistor surface temperature will remain constant, the temperature only with the PTC thermistor Curie temperature and applied voltage, and has little to do with the ambient temperature.

Use range:

Can be designed for use in hair straighteners, hairpins, hairpins, ion hots, perm, perm, ceramic perm, hair pliers, curlers, electric combs, hairdressing, Mosquito repellent mosquito-repellent incense machine perfumery perfume gun glue gun hot glue gun foot washing hot glue machine insulation mug boiling water boiling water coffee machine coffee Insulation, coffee heaters, drinking fountains, hot and cold water dispenser, hot milk, heaters, water heaters, shower heating, electric mosquito repellent, hand dryer, dryer, electric iron, electric iron, electric Hair dryer, electric heater, electric heater, heating and air conditioning, air conditioning heating, heater, air heating, hot pot, dry shoes, drying shoes, warm feet, Heater, Spectrum Analyzer, Spectrum Therapy, Physiotherapy, Infrared Heating, Clothes Dryer, Motorcycle Carburetor, Electric Humidifier, Electric Instrument Humidity-proof Heating, Small Crystal Device Thermostat, Incubator, , Mug, Hot plate, insulation cabinet, insulation table, electric plate, thermotherapy instrument, hot coffee machine, steam beauty, waxing machine, steam generator, humidifier, humidifier, chocolate extruder, hot treasure, electric iron, acupuncture , Catheter, hand warmer, warm feet, hand dryer, cotton candy machine, massager, liquefied gas bottle heating, small warm air heater, hair dryer, room heating machine, dryer, clothes dryer, dryer , Industrial drying equipment, hopper heater, electric locomotive train heating, mold heating, control cabinet heating moisture, the monitor moisture, electric oven, toaster, infusion treasure, medical equipment, household appliances, household appliances, small appliances. .....and many more


1) PTC heater with automatic thermostat features, no temperature control system, the PTC heater can be directly energized.

2) When the PTC heater is used to heat the liquid (such as water), the PTC heater will not be damaged after the liquid is dried.

3) If the PTC heater is used to heat the cold air, the PTC heater will not be damaged when the air is not blown.

4) long service life, normal use, life expectancy of up to 10 years.

5) Reliable work, using PTC heater internal characteristics of temperature control, never over-temperature.

6) Operating voltage is very wide: when the operating voltage changes 2 times, the surface temperature changes is very small.

7) This product does not lead wire and insulation products, customers also choose with wire and insulation products, or with shell products.

8) When more than one PTC heater is used in parallel, it should not be connected in series.

9) different heat conditions make the heating power PTC heating film vary widely.

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