PTC Aluminum Heating Element

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PTC Aluminum Heating Element  (Positive Temperature Coefficient) is the acronym means that the temperature coefficient is, the great pan-corrected temperature coefficient of semiconductor materials or components. Usually we talk about the PTC is correct temperature coefficient thermistor, or PTC thermistor. PTC thermistor temperature is a typical sensitivity of the semiconductor resistor, over a cert.


We can make many kinds of PTC ceramic heaters, as customers' request.

Advantage as follow:

1. It is safety, high power, high reliability.

2. It doesn't turn to red or get fire when it is working.

3. It uses wide range of ambient temperature.

4. It can be manufactured to have different fixed temperatures at which the dramatic resistance change take place.

5. Even with the regard to voltage changes, the constant temperature mechanism will be effective.

6. It can be an effective low cost solution.

7.It has a virtually unlimited service life, and do not generate RFI noise.

8. Dynamic heating output and self-regulating function in correlation to the ambient temperature.




Unlike traditional heating elements that use a resistance wire such as Nichrome to generate heat,PTC heating elements are made as  ceramic stones, ase on barium titanate. They have unique characteristics as semeconductors and their ferro-electric propertise can be precisely determined during their design.


PTC heater has widely use.

Typical outdoor applications in the UK marketplace

Ticket dispensersParking gatesMetering boxes
Pump housesCrane cabsControl boxes
Transformer enclosuresTelecommunication cabinsMedical machinery
Railway signallingRolling stock


PTC heater is widely used in:

hair straightener hair curler
wax melting device heat preservation cup
milk warmer heater for coffee pot
hot melt glue gun foot warmer

Packaging & Delivery

  • Packaging Details

  • Carton(500pcs or 1000 pcs per carton,details per the size)

  • Delivery Time

  • 7-10 days

TianChengQianHai is an ISO 9001 certificated company specialized in manufacturing and marketing ptc aluminum heating element. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, our factory also offers you free sample, customized service as well as quotation consultation service.
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