PTC Heater for Air Conditioner

PTC Heater for Air Conditioner

Ptc, Ptc Thermistor, Ptc Heater manufacturer / supplier in China, offering PTC Heater for Air Conditioner, PTC Thermistor Ceramics for Air-Conditioner, PTC Thermistor Ceramics and so on.

Product Details

                                   TianChengQianHai is an ISO 9001 certificated company specialized in manufacturing and marketing ptc heater for air conditioner. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, our factory also offers you free sample, customized service as well as quotation consultation service.

Product Detail

Product Description

1) PTC heater which consists of PTC elements and radiator is a temperature holding automatically heater. About its safe feature, PTC heater's surface temperature is Curie temperature while there is no wind
2) Temperature rises rapidly. It can control temperature automatically while there is no wind and has low ageing
3) It can be designed among 12-380V
4) Power and shape can be designed conveniently
5) Safety and reliability

Technical parameter:
Item        Parameter Remark
Rated Voltage (V): 220
Rated Frequenc (Hz): 50
Size Range (mm): 100~1000  Selected
Rated Power Range(W): 500~3000 Selected
Max. Power Tolerance(%): +5%~-10%
Max. Start Current(A) <1.5 Ie
Insulated Resistance (MΩ)<100 Room Temperature
Electric Strength (V/1min): 1500 Insulation
Withstand Voltage(V):450  Quiescency Flow
Time of Protect(min): 3~5 Quiescency Flow
Power Ageing (%) ≤10 1000h
Max. SurfaceTemperature (degree): 270
It can be customized orders as per clients' specifications available. We can supply samples and price list.

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