PTC Water Heater For Common Bathing Pool

PTC Water Heater For Common Bathing Pool

Water and electricity separation and constant temperature PTC water heater for common bathing pool. Brand : Tiancheng Custom processing: Yes Power: 3 (kVA) Temperature range: 0-90 ℃ Overall dimensions: 16 mm Weight: 0.5 kg Uses: Instantaneous water heating Working voltage: 220V Insulation...

Product Details

Water and electricity separation and constant temperature PTC water heater for common bathing pool.

Brand : Tiancheng

Custom processing: Yes

Power: 3 (kVA)

Temperature range: 0-90 ℃

Overall dimensions: 16 mm

Weight: 0.5 kg 

Uses: Instantaneous water heating

Working voltage: 220V

Insulation resistance: 3750Ω

Continuous life: 100,000 h

Heater type: water heating

Electrical insulation strength: 2000V / ≤5mA / 5s no breakdown, flashover, alarm, far exceeding the national standard (1250V / 5mA / 3s no breakdown, flashover, alarm) Leakage current: 250VAC / 0.75mA / kw, low In the national standard (220VAC / 1mA / kw), insulation resistance ≥ 10MΩ, grounding resistance: ≤ 0,1Ω.

The heater is made of ceramic semiconductor PTC material for heating elements, the use of PTC heating efficiency, advanced self-protection self-recovery function, long life, less power attenuation and so on. The advantages are as follows:

 The real hydro-electric separation PTC heating element is not in contact with water, to achieve water and electricity separation.


Use of safety - heater at power-on, PTC heating element only heat, no light, even if placed in dry paper will not burn the paper up, will not produce electric shock, open flame and other dangerous; if the pipe without water or temperature control The failure of the heater causes the heater to be left unloaded. When the heater reaches about 200 ° C, the PTC resistance rises sharply. At this time, the PTC becomes an insulator, thereby cutting off the power and protecting itself. At this time, the heater basically has no current and there is no power , Even if a long time anhydrous dry, it will not burn out. When the temperature is lower or the water is flowing through the pipe, the PTC resumes heating. Therefore, when the water is in the absence of water or electricity, the power can be dried, no explosion pipe, no leakage, no fire and other hazards. 


Durable - PTC heating body performance is stable, not easy to aging, long service life. Normal use, PTC heating body can be used for 8 ∽ 10 years without damage, and the power attenuation will not exceed 5%.


Non-fouling, health promotion - PTC heaters adopt a bypass type over-current heating, the loop is smooth. Pipe wall and water contact surface temperature is only about 200 ℃, the water is not heated at high temperatures, the pipe wall is smooth, smooth, so difficult to form scale pipe. Less scale, making the thermal efficiency of the heating system to maintain long-term stability, while reducing the latter part of the cleaning and maintenance costs. In addition, PTC can work to soften the water quality, long-term use can play a moisturizing, improve the body's endocrine system beauty, health care and maintenance efficiency.


High thermal efficiency - PTC heater heating material is wrapped in the middle of the water pipe, the water pipe is made of the whole root of copper winding, ultra-long waterways, PTC heating body surface contact with water to form a larger heat exchange area, fever And thermal conductivity is extremely uniform, so it will not produce water bubbles in the contact surface (water bubbles will be isolated heat conduction), greatly improving the heat conversion efficiency, while the PTC heating element generates only heat when heated, there is no light consumption, the heat generated Almost completely absorbed by the water, the heater is extremely thermally efficient.


Power self-regulation - heater power changes with the water temperature inside the pipe itself changes, the water temperature inside the pipe is high, the heater's own power to reduce; pipe water temperature is low, the heater's own power increases. The operating voltage of the heater is very wide, not affected by slightly lower or slightly higher voltage, the power can be maintained within the original power range of ± 30% of the rated voltage (that is, +5% of rated power ~ 10%).


Anticorrosion Water Leakage - The pipe is made of anodized aluminum, and the inner surface of the pipe is in contact with the water. It is coated with an insulating nano-oxidation layer to greatly enhance the ability of the pipe to resist water pressure and prevent water leakage. Water pressure in more than 10kg, 1kg water pressure, the heater outlet flow ≥ 6L / min. The heater completely eliminates the water heater has a pipe burst, broken wire, corrosion, water leakage, leakage and other security risks.


Lightweight and convenient - The heater is compact and easy to install.

Application range

* 1 electric heating furnace hot water circulation heating

* 2. Instant electric water heater

* 3. High temperature washing machine

* 4. Industrial equipment

* 5.Electric water boiler

* 6.Solar assisted heating

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